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Choosing Sewer Cleaning Methods For Your Home

Sewer cleaning is the procedure of removing accumulated dirt, grease, grime, grit, clay, solid particles, plastic bags, ropes and other obstructions including tree roots in the sewer pipes. Sewers normally contain raw sewage from earlierals connected to residential offices, homes and industries, that carry various kinds of harmful wastewater. Apart from these wastes, sewer lines also contain raw sewage from cleaning and maintenance activities such as washing of commercial establishments, bakery items, water plants, hotels and medical establishments. Therefore, to make sure that the sewer lines are free of obstruction and have clean and healthy environment inside the building, regular cleaning and maintenance becomes mandatory.

There are two kinds of blockages in the sewer lines; hydraulic and mechanical. Hydraulic blockage occurs when heavy sediments or objects are allowed to settle inside the pipes causing them to become hard. Some heavy sediments are usually grease and oil that accumulate inside the pipes over a period of time, and hard blocks are formed due to this accumulation. To remove the blockage, a sewer cleaning company needs to be called to perform a certain process that includes removal of the grease and oil that cause the blockage, and replacement of the same with a new kind of substance.

While some homeowners may be tempted to call a plumber for the sewer cleaning process because they think they are experienced in plumbing works, calling a sewer cleaning company instead is a good idea because it is less expensive. If the homeowner is not skilled in handling the plumbing, a professional would be able to do the job at a reduced cost. In addition, professional plumbers know what should be done and what should not be done in sewer cleaning processes. They also have access to various tools and equipment that will help them in their work.

Another reason to call a professional to handle the sewer cleaning process is the occurrence of tree roots. Tree roots can be a big headache for any homeowner who owns a sewer system because they often clog the pipes and cause damage to the piping system. Regular sewer cleaning of the pipes may be too costly, so calling a tree removal company will be more cost effective. The process does not take long, and the debris is removed from your property in a matter of minutes.

Another one of the best sewer cleaning methods involves using an absorbent sock. The process involves putting the socks into the drain or sewer pipes and flushing away the contents. This method is very effective because it removes large pieces of debris that cannot be cleaned otherwise. Socks can be bought at any hardware store, and the best part about the method is that they can be reused after being used so you don’t have to waste money on buying new ones every few weeks.

Disinfecting the drainage system of your house can be another way to keep dirt and grease from building up in your pipe systems. This is especially important when there are young children or elderly people living in your home. The cleaning process involves putting grease and dirt particles into a plastic container and dropping it into the sewer lines with a scoop. The container is then rinsed out, and any remaining debris is either collected in the soil in front of your house or taken to the local hospital for disposal.

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